FJC’s Activities

Our activities to built the House of Finn Juhl

We met Ms. Anne-Birgitte Fonsmark, the owner of Ordrupgaard museum which owns the House of Finn Juhl.

Mr Niels Vionscor as the cheif of directors in Wilhelm Hansen Koncertdirektion (left), the adviser architect Mr. Mogens Sehested (right) and Mr. Kiyofumi Tanaka as the cheif of directors in Finn Juhl Art Museum Club.

We invited Danish Ambassador to Japan and have an interview to introduce our project.

We reserched materials and drawings of the house of Finn Juhl with Mr. Mogens Sehested in the Museum of Decortive Art in Copenhagen.

We measured and reserched real house of Finn Juhl in Denmark.

We held the folum discussion about the house of Finn Juhl in Takayama-city, Japan. Mr. Mogens Sehested and Japanese Architect Mr. Minoru Takeyama were invited.